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Digital X-Rays

Our committment to our patients is to provide them with the highest level of service and the latest in technological advancements. Digital X-rays not only provide excellent image quality, but they drastically decrease the amount of radiation- up to a 90% reduction in radiation exposure!

Digital images are much faster to develop than traditional xrays, and are quickly accessable. These files also are easily transmitted between offices and expedite insurance claims. If you are to move and change dentists, and would like a copy of your x-rays- it is possible to email them instantaneusly either to you or to your new provider.

Diagnostic images are periodically necessary to evaluate anatomic structures such as bone levels associated with teeth, periodontal condition, and proximal tooth structure. A full set of recent x-rays is necessary for every new patient either previously taken (at another office) or taken in our office after the initial consultation. These images will aid the clinician in proper diagnosis or guide in the progress of treatment.

We utilize the latest in technology for maximal patient safety.