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Pediatric Dentistry

Your child can grow up with a healthy mouth free of cavities if you start proper dental care early.

Usually your baby’s first shiny white tooth will appear, typically in the front center of the lower jaw, at about 6 months of age. Your child should see the dentist as soon as the first baby tooth comes in!

This first dental visit does two things:

  • It makes your child accustomed to the dental office environment, and makes it a FUN place to go
  • It ALSO allows for early examination to make sure that your childs development is within normal limits.

One of the worst things you can do in your childs dental health is waiting to bring your child to the dentist for an evaluation until there is an agonizing problem and the child is already experiencing pain and is afraid. START EARLY and avoid small problems that may be intercepted before they become big ones. Schedule an appointment for your child TODAY!

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