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Waterlace Dentistry combines laser energy and a spray of water to gently cut teeth, gums and even bone without generating heat, vibration or pressure that can cause discomfort or damage. The only sound that patients hear is a gentle popping noise, removing much of the anxiety from the experience of being in the dentist’s chair.

The system’s laser handpiece never touches the tooth during procedures such as removing dental decay, eliminating the grinding and heat associated with the drill along with the pain triggered by nerves reacting to heat and vibration. The system also helps preserve teeth by eliminating vibrations that can create small cracks and fissures in the surrounding healthy tooth surface.

In procedures such as gum surgery, the Waterlase system uses only the energy of the laser to cut and the water to cool as the tip gently touches the tissue. The laser energy helps reduce or eliminate bleeding.

Patients report a dramatic reduction in pain as well as less post-operative swelling and infection. There is less chance of walking out of the office with a numb lip because fewer and sometimes no shots are needed. That reduced reliance on anesthesia in turn can allow cavities to be filled in multiple areas of the mouth on a single visit, reducing the number of appointments for the patient.